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RSS Mangler 0.2

See it mercilessly mangle RSS feeds at http://smallweb.cs.usfca.edu/dispatch.fcgi/rssmangler/


  1. Transform iCalendar files to RSS feed full of hCalendar.
  2. Randomize order of entries in existing RSS feeds.

Developed using Ruby on Rails with the vpim library for iCalendar support.

Update: version 0.21 fixes some typos, improves XHTML compatibility and uses correct media-type (thanks Ryan).
Update2: for more information and source see: http://smallweb.cs.usfca.edu/cgi-bin/trac.cgi/wiki/RSSMangler
Update3: version 0.22 fixes additional XHTML issues (thanks Tantek).


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  1. Salve says:

    Well fine then I won’t work on it! 😉

    Hope all is good.


  2. Hellonline says:

    RSSMangler, Grep, etc.

    A couple of RSSMangler updates:

    RSSMangler now greps! You can use regexps to show only matching items (currently matching on title and description). The request structure for grep is http://hellonline.com/RSSMangler/public/?act=grep&src=RSS_FE

  3. Ben says:

    RSSMangler appears to have some errors when I try to run your demo.
    I was looking into how I can include vPim into a rails project, if you have any information you’d like to share, please contact me 🙂

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