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Tagging and Structure

As probably everybody knows by now, delicious has some new systems tags automatically added by the system when you bookmark various types of media files. As you can see in the following quote, they’re organized in a nice little hierarchy:

The tag “system:media:audio” includes

  • *.mp3 tagged as “system:filetype:mp3”
  • *.wav tagged as “system:filetype:wav”

The tag “system:media:video” includes

  • *.mpg tagged as “system:filetype:mpg”
  • *.mpeg tagged as “system:filetype:mpeg”
  • *.avi tagged as “system:filetype:avi”
  • *.wmv tagged as “system:filetype:wmv”
  • *.mov tagged as “system:filetype:mov”

via: delicious blog

Already we can see the price of using taxonomies. Just look at the comments to the above blogpost and count the number of requests for new file types. It’s easy to talk about the higher cost of maintenance of Taxonomies vs. Folksonomies but it’s much more convincing when you see the request list growing on a daily basis.

So delicious is now using a hybrid Folksonomy + Taxonomy model, that’s very interesting. It’s good to see that they’re not stuck on being a ideal tagging site based on pure Folksonomy and intent on banishing the evil that is Taxonomies. The right tool for the right job and in this case, a small and limited Taxonomy is just what the doctor ordered. I just hope they don’t let it spread too far or too wide into the existing system, we don’t need another Yahoo.


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