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RSSMangler, Grep, etc.

A couple of RSSMangler updates:

  1. RSSMangler now greps! You can use regexps to show only matching items (currently matching on title and description). The request structure for grep is http://hellonline.com/RSSMangler/public/?act=grep&src=RSS_FEED_URI&param=PATTERN
  2. As you may have noticed from the previous line, RSSMangler is now available under the hellonline.com domain. I’m still working on some config issues between apache, rails and fastcgi but things seem to work for now.
  3. Full source code is available on the trac page.
  4. A bug i’m still working on: Feeding RSSMangler an RSSMangler URL seems to sometimes result in an endless loop. Fun!

So there you have it, one more power tool.


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