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Google Personalized Search Launched

Posted by Sep Kamvar on Google Blog:

With the launch of Personalized Search, you can use that search history you’ve been building to get better results. You probably won’t notice much difference at first, but as your search history grows, your personalized results will gradually improve.

This whole concept of personalization has been a big part our lives since some of the team was in grad school at Stanford. We shared an office, which happened to be the same one Sergey had used before, and we were pretty familiar with the research he and Larry had done. Related to their work, we thought building a scalable system for personalizing search results presented an interesting challenge. We’ve still got a long way to go, but we’re excited to release this first step…

Seems like i’ll have to let Google track my search history now if only to see how well this new feature works.

PS. for further information:
Personalzied Search Help
Google Groups announcement


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