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Now that our data is scattered so wide and so far, it’s time to start pulling things in; this is where aggregation becomes important. This is also where microformats can make a huge impact. From my viewpoint as a user, I can see two sides to the aggregation game:

  1. Aggregating from many people and one/many sources. You’re probably reading this post on an RSS feed reader, that’s exactly what it does. Technorati is doing something very similar with an added bonus – search! We’ve been doing this type of aggregation for a while now and I think it’s time for a nice shake-up.
  2. Aggregating content from one person and many sources, what some may call a Digital Lifestyle Aggregator (DLA). A DLA tries to recombine your fractured online persona into one piece. You can see a pretty good example for that in tribe’s new profiles.
    Behind all the flashy new design options, the new profiles let you pull in syndicated content from anywhere else, displaying it all in one place. My biggest problem with tribe’s implementation is their target audience for the aggregated content. Unlike your RSS reader which pulls in content for you to consume, tribe’s profiles pull in the content mainly for others to consume. I want to see my events from upcoming, messages from flickr and active tribes in one page. I’ve heard tribe employees say that a similar revamping of the main page is coming up soon and I think this is the way they’re headed. I’m definitely looking forward to that!
    Another interesting new example is CNet’s new Shoebox. You can read all about it yourself. finally somebody realized that I don’t need to upload my photos to their server before they can let me play with them.

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