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Things are looking up

for humanity that is.

I recently stumbled on this article by Chris Anderson in Wired, turns out it’s actually the eponimous Long Tail article, but my being late to the ball is not really the point here. Anderson claims that
Many of our assumptions about popular taste are actually artifacts of poor supply-and-demand matching – a market response to inefficient distribution.” As the world becomes more digital and distribution becomes easier, retailers are offering bigger and wider selections. Your neighborhood video rental store’s potential market is about a 1-2 miles radius, Netflix can rent a DVD to almost anyone in the US, no wonder they can offer a selection that’s about 10-15 times wider. But that’s not all. What happens when distribution becomes completely digital? With unlimited shelf-space, retailers are no longer forced to pick and choose which products to offer and consumers are not far behind.
as users can access non-mainstream entertainment they do.

and this book (mentioned on daily show) claims that TV today is actually becoming smarter, more engaging and more challenging.

could it be that the long process of dumbing down the masses is finally meeting some serious resistence? I definitely hope so.


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