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Google Alerts?!

From Google Blog: (Emphasis and editing mine)

If you track information on a batch of discrete topics all the time like I do, managing your inbox is no day at the beach. Monitoring a number of mailing lists for interesting news on, say, [harry potter] or [sony aibo] or [housing bubble] without actually subscribing to what could be hundreds of mailing lists is a daunting task…
Some of us thought it would be cool to offer a feature that does this work for us… a beta version of Google Groups Alerts. It monitors the top 50 most recent Google Groups search results that relate to keywords you’re interested in. Any new articles posted that match your criteria will be emailed to you, just like Google News alerts.

Email? Email??? It’s nice of Google to allow us to subscribe to search results but why through Email? Where’s my RSS support? Technorati does it, Yahoo does it but Google, you know, those guys that developed AdSense for Feeds? They do Email.


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