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Downtime, Hell and Updates.

Finally! I’m back up on a new host at a an actual hosting facility after my last server suffered a horrible horrible death. Please pardon the repeating RSS entries if they show up 🙂

A couple of updates:

  1. I started working. An actual job-type job. I’m still trying to get used to it (it aint easy after 3 years of slack :). Expect to hear more about this soon enough.
  2. We (Ryan and me) have launched supr.c.ilio.us, it’s the world’s first social social tagging tagging site! The site is almost at alpha level so expect to hear more about this as well.

I’ve been pretty busy lately what with working, school coming up and getting ready for that big event in the desert but I do have some pent up bloggage so I’ll get posting soon. For now check out these photos of the big announcement and a screen shot of our oh-so-very-alpha tag cloud.


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