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My friend Assaf writes about Textags:

Textags are simple textual markups that use the first word in a line to indicate the meaning of what follows. They make it incredibly easy to create posts with rich data: events, people, tags.

Textags are plain text, they work in your browser, your e-mail, you can SMS them or write them on a piece of paper. But on the Web they acquire special formatting that software (search engines, browsers) can understand.

It seems like a pretty cool way to create microcontent and it works pretty well. In fact, the tags on this post were created using the tag Textag!

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  1. ryan king says:

    Of course, they aren’t really tags and they’re just a recreation of mime properties (RFC 822, I think).

  2. limbo says:

    they’re not tags in the sense of rel-tag or folksonomies but more in the sense of HTML.

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