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Supr.c.ilio.us Updates…

Now with RSS! Although you can’t really see it just by looking at the site (yet) we’ve added RSS support to supr.c.ilio.us. Try http://supr.c.ilio.us/?format=rss for a feed of the latest social tagging sites tagged or http://supr.c.ilio.us/tag/foo?format=rss for the latest tagging sites tagged with “foo.”

Update: We have achieved Alpha! No longer pre. Many bug fixes, touch ups to the tag cloud, link to your own site list, and friendly URLS:
http://supr.c.ilio.us/user/limbo or in RSS: http://supr.c.ilio.us/user/limbo?format=rss
http://supr.c.ilio.us/tag/social in RSS
http://supr.c.ilio.us/user/limbo/tag/social and you guessed it

More buzzword compliance soon.


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  1. Hey you,

    I added my blog for fun, but I don’t tag things (although I discuss them, it’s not supr.c.ilio.us). But then I realized I had no way of deleting it.

    I’m a trouble maker. 😉


  2. limbo says:

    supr.c.ilio.us is all about the trouble 😀

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