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What is Web 2.0?

Is the question on everybody’s blog these days. Everyone seems to have their own opinion (and so do I) but I want to ask you this instead: Why do we care??? Leave the definitions to future time historians and go out there and do something. If it’s useful and people like it, they’ll use it even if it doesn’t stand up to the latest random collection of Web2.0 definitions. If it sucks, all the buzzword compliance in the world won’t save you.


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  1. You are so irreverent. 😉 …but bang on.

    I still like Ryan’s “Web 2.0 is all about beer”, though. I like to have some purpose.

  2. limbo says:

    yeah i’m waiting for him to actually post that…

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  4. Assaf says:

    web 2.0 is cool. unfortunately, it’s a bit buggy and has some security glitches, and some incompatibilities with older devices. I’m told the forthcoming web 2.1 will fix all of that.

    there’s also rumor of web 3.0, which will add more CEO-level features, include a distributed clippy, but there’s already evidence it will be so resource intensive as to crash the internet.

    for a more scientific answer, check the trackback

  5. limbo says:

    re:Web3.0, can i get in on the alpha?

  6. Assaf says:

    you’ll have to upgrade your internet first

  7. limbo says:

    gem update internet?

  8. limbo says:

    Completely for real, if a little silly.

  9. Assaf says:

    I tried gem update internet, but all I got was ‘Your computer has been infected with Mono/C#, please update your virus definition file!’


  10. limbo says:

    Excellent excuse to use my favorite (actually, only) mono quote:

    “I thought I had mono once for an entire year. Turned out I
    was just really bored.”

    — Wayne Campbell

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