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What is Web2.0: The Answer.

In recent weeks the debate around “what is web 2.0â€? has reached a boiling point. All around the Blogosphere, bloggers offer new and old answers to this fateful question. Graphs, diagrams, arguments and rebuttals fill the RSS feeds but the truth is yet to be found. Based on technologies perfected while developing supr.c.ilio.us we have created a new experimental tool that will, once and for all, reveal the answer to this question. Only by putting the question to the people, we believe that the true definition of Web 2.0 will be found.

Web2.0 or Not is a revolutionary tool that builds on data mining tools successfully used by giants such as Hot or Not and Goth or Not. By taking the question to the real decision makers, *shudder* the end users,Web2.0 or Not can tap into the existing zeitgeist and finally define Web 2.0.

Update: Here’s some stats I pulled together.


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  1. 什么是web2.0: 大家说了算

    在历å?²æ€§çš„总结出æ?¥ä¹‹å‰?,倒ä¸?妨ä¾?é? å¤§ä¼—的力é‡?æ?¥ç»Ÿè®¡ä¸€ä¸‹ç©¶ç«Ÿé•¿æˆ?什么样æ‰?比较接迅

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