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A Couple of Interesting Web2.0 Posts

My friends Ryan and Assaf have posted some interesting post-web2con stuff.

Ryan has an interesting theory about Web2.0 and about the conference:

My theory is this: there’s really two things going on here, a movement and a reaction. First, the movement is a reassertion of control by geeks. Several years of a down-turned economy has given geeks plenty of time to reflect and turn their energies toward things they care about. So, Web 2.0 can be viewed as a geek rebellion- people are developing software and media for themselves and on their own terms.

Assaf is optimistic about the possible Web2.0 bubble, saying it’s not a bubble after all:

I’m not seeing insane business models in Web 2.0, at least not yet. Right now the focus is on companies that can start small and stay lean. But I’m not seeing defensible business models either. If you have a cool idea, then you’re one of ten other me-toos. If you solve an essential problem, then you’re standing on the tracks of the GYM bullet train. And this time the incumbents are fresh out of grad school, they don’t suffer the innovator dilemma. They’re either developing it, or in the process of buying you, or just bought your competitor.

If 1999 was a rebound from the dreaded mergers of the 80’s, and everyone wanted to do a rockstar IPO, then 2005 is a rebound from the dreaded VC-funded bankruptcies, and acquisitions are the exit strategy. A big IPO is the type of company you want to be acquired by. It’s a sobering reality with a different game plan.

And I say, go post your site on Web2 or Not, how else will you know?


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