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Web2 Or Not: More stats!

With over 20,000 votes counted and over 200 sites nominated for the coveted Most Web2.0 Site EVAR(tm) title, it’s time to publish more stats from Web2OrNot.com:

  1. flickr.com (7.4 after 550 votes)
  2. del.icio.us (7.0 after 600 votes)
  3. Technorati (6.4 after 400 votes)
  4. gmail (6.4 after 124 votes)
  5. 43things (6.3 after 270 votes)
  6. Map Builder (6.3 after 120 votes)
  7. 43places (6.1 after 130 votes)

Honorable mentions (over 5.5) go to: furl, last.fm, plazes, rollyo, Social Text, supr.c.ilio.us, TechCrunch, upcoming.org, Web 2.0 Central and wordpress.com.

Lamest attempt to spam our sacred voting booth: Whoever it was that posted rotten and suicide girls. As if those guys need any more traffic… Lame.

Many many sites NOT web2.0 at all including our very own, Web2OrNot.com, with a score of 3.5! Ouch!

Disclaimer: We make not guarantee as to the validity or usefulness of these numbers. If you base your VC’s investment policy on our stats, well, I sincerely hope you know what you’re doing!

Update: Numbers slightly updated to remove “errnous” votes 🙂


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