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A while ago, I met Gabe Rivera at Slide’s Launch party, I really wanted to have a serious discussion with him about the algorithms behind Memeorandum. I’m a geek like that, I like to know how things work. We never got to have that discussion so I really don’t know how much Gabe would have divulged but tonite, instead of that discussion, we’re having a Memeorandum exploration session.

Tara Hunt, aka Miss Rogue, has some ideas about the best ways to get on Memeorandum:

However, it is actually trivially simple. I’ve put together a wee step-by-step (There may or may not be a screencast in the future) ‘how to’:

  1. Get quoted saying something quite controversial
  2. Squawk about the quote
  3. Get a whole bunch of attention for squawking about that quote
  4. Wish you had just shut up in the first place ’cause nobody but youwould have probably even noticed it

See? Simple. 😉

Alex Barnett seem to agree with Tara.

On the other hand, over at Supr.c.ilio.us: The Blog, Assaf has a couple of things to say about this, basically claiming that:

The best way to get on memeorandum is to talk about memeorandum.

As for me, I’m on the fence. Still waiting to have that conversation with Gabe. Maybe over at Long-Tail camp?

Update: Alex Barnett informs us that it works! And while you’re here, check out Alex’s screencast.


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  1. Mashable* says:

    Hacking Memeorandum: More Proof That Algorithms Don’t Work

    Tara “Miss Rogue” Hunt, Alex Barnett and Ben Barren have been hacking Memeorandum – trying to get a post to appear on the front page of the automated news site by gaming the system. And it appears to have worked. Alex even created a sc…

  2. […] t infallible, but it’s the best thing we’ve got. [More Memeorandum hacking at Hellonline and supr.c.ilio.us]

    This entry was posted

    on Tuesday, N […]

  3. Robert Scoble says:

    I have talked with Gabe about his algorithms at length. They are fairly easy to figure out, but actually pretty difficult to game. Look at what had to happen to game it — a group of people had to get together on a slow news day.

  4. limbo says:


    On weekends you don’t even need a group of people, one or maybe two are enough. However, I do not find it too far fetched to think that if memeorandum became popular enough, gaming the system would be worthwhile for a group of 4-5 individuals with an agenda. This is slightly annoying on a tech news site but on a site that might become an authority in “what is hot in politics,” this becomes much more disturbing.

  5. Robert Scoble says:

    The politics site is much harder to game because their bloggers do a TON more linking.

    Also, you can game it once. Do it in such a way that it gets tons of complaints, though, and you’re off the list. Again, I worked for five years to get where I am. I’m not going to do something that gets me kicked off the list.

  6. limbo says:

    Also, you can game it once. Do it in such a way that it gets tons of complaints, though, and you’re off the list.

    That may or may not be true. You know more about the algorithm than I do but it seems that the list of blogs that get included in memeorandum keeps expanding. I doubt hellonline or supr.c.ilio.us were part of the initial elite of the blogosphere. Both blogs got mentioned probably due to being linked from other blogs on the list. How far does this go? Do blogs linked from my blog now get included as well?

    Invseting a couple of months to get linked from a couple of “in” bloggers is not beyond the realm of possibility. There are spammers out there who have been doing much more for much less and the blogosphere is not the hardest club to get into.

    You’re probably right, it’s not that easy to do repeatedly but I tend to worry more about the dedicated adversary than the kid playing with scripts. Listen to me, Dedicated adversary? It’s only blogs and I’m getting way too X-files here 🙂

  7. Gabe says:

    Hey Eran…well, I’m out of the Bay Area until around January so we probably won’t be meeting until then.

    Anyway, Robert’s right: spammy posts should be discouraged because it can hurt the spammer’s future influence.

    Moreover, it’s not too hard to police things. It’s just a single page!

  8. limbo says:

    @ Gabe

    It’s a shame you’re not here Gabe, at the very least because you’re gonna miss one hell of a launch party (though i’m sure memeorandum will pick up the blog posts).

    As for spam and subversion on memeorandum, I hope you’re right. I definitely do not want to see such a great resource corrupted by stupidity. Unfortunately spammers are not easily discouraged so I guess we’ll just have to wait and see how things go.

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