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My 15GB of fame continue to fade away…

Based on my writings over at Supr.c.ilio.us: The blog I was asked to do a short E-mail interview with Dr. Del of Gabbr.com. The result can be seen here. I think I managed to offer a balanced perspective of the Web 2.0 world as I see it now, from my comfortable perch, right in the middle of it all:

The market right now is rife with opportunity. There are many problems waiting to be solved, some of which can be solved by small teams of dedicated people. Many of those solutions come with a real revenue oppotunity beside them (I’m talking about more than Adsense ads here) and if done properly can be the base of a very sustainable business.

Some Web2.0 companies go after those problems, offering real solutions and have well laid plans on how to sustain themselves (see skype and flock for example). Others are just here for the quick flip, the hype, the investor money, etc. I do not think it’s fair to generelize and say that all web 2.0 companies are based on hype, just as not all web 2.0 bloggers are only here to fan the flames and generate some more circular hype.


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