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A friend recently wrote the following in an Email:

Certainly seems like the virgin web is growing up quickly.

Unfortunately, I see the exact opposite trend. To me, being mature, or a “grown up,â€? means owning up to your actions and taking responsibility for what you do and what you say. What I’ve been seeing lately is the proliferation of poorly conceived, high-school level thuggery. The list of completely pointless, mean, crass and hateful blogs grows on an almost daily basis. I’m afraid to think that Supr.c.ilio.us: The Blog might have been an inspiration to some of those people as what they do is diametrically opposed to the vision Ryan and me had when we started blogging on Supr.c.ilio.us.

When we created Supr.c.ilio.us (the tagging site), our intent was to show people, through satire, the silliness behind creating more and more tagging sites, sites that offered little more than the opportunity to tag yet another type of item and existed only because of the rising popularity of del.icio.us. When we expanded that to create Web 2 or Not, we were trying to make people see that obsessing over the definition of Web 2.0 is not nearly as important as actually contributing, creating new sites and coming up with new solutions to problems.

Supr.c.ilio.us: The Blog followed in those footsteps. Trying to get people to take themselves a little less seriously and not fall to their own hype. Oh, one more thing, everything we wrote on Supr.c.ilio.us carries our names and our faces. We’ve done nothing in secret because we’ve got nothing to be ashamed of and nothing to hide.

It could be just a matter of taste, because some people seem to find them funny. I guess it’s the same kind of reaction that makes people laugh when the school bully gives the scrawny geek a wedgy in the middle of the cafeteria. I never found that funny and I find it kinda sad when it’s happening again now, when most of the participants are supposed “adults.â€?

I’ll close with another quote, this time from Jack of All Blogs:

*Douche sucks. Blogebrity sucks. They are both fags. Fucking fags. I blog about shit in such a middle school way. They blog about shit in such a preschool way. Get a life both of you.

What can I say, at least he’s honest.


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  1. BenJ says:

    This post seems unnecessary given how pathetic (boring) those other sites are. I think you’re flattering yourself to think they were inspired in any way by suprcilious. I’d be surprised if the people who run those sites have enough wit to understand what suprcilious is even about. C’mon, you just fell into a troll trap.

  2. limbo says:


    You’re probably right but I can’t help but flatter myself that I have such a strong effect on my readers 🙂

    The more important point I wanted to make is that despite the fact the you and I and many others I know find those blogs to be pathetic, boring and completely unimportant they

    1. Seem to multiply in an increasing rate (something that at least creates a bad feeling, what with all this negativity floating around, see ReadWrite Web post)


    2. Get much more attention than they should (yeah, I know, I’m doing it now but it’s a chicken & egg kinda thing), sometimes even serious attention.

    I would say “Don’t feed the trolls” if I thought it was enough. But I doubt that it is. This is the first time I ever posted about or linked to one of those blogs, I dont plan on doing it again.

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