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Updates: cite-rel, distributed social anything

Time for a couple of updates.


I’ve been doing some research on distributed conversations and markup in order to bring cite-rel to a draft status. You can see the markup examples I collcted, formats used in other places and the current state of the discussion all on the wiki. Please add whatever additional information or thoughts you have on the subject to the appropriate wiki page.

Distributed Social Anything

In case you missed the blog post, there’s now a whole trac wiki devoted to the project. I’ll be pursuing this project throughout this semester at USF as my Master’s Project. I’m planning to keep the project as open and transparent as possible. I’ll try to keep the wiki up-to-date and I would appreciate any feedback from interested parties. I only ask that you create an account on the wiki before modifying anything, this will allow me to keep track of who I’m talking to.

Oh, the code-name for this is Project Nirvana. Don’t ask why.


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  1. limbo says:


    nearvana. heaven is just a click away!

    but the domain was taken.

  2. Matt says:

    is your rss feed working?

  3. limbo says:


    Thanks for letting me know. I think things should work better now. Seems like it was some bug in wordpress 1.5.1(described here)

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