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SXSW highlights

I’ve got nothing deep to say about south by south west so here are some of my personal highlights (in no particular order):

  • Many many parties, too many to list.
  • Getting some work done on my project. Being around smart people inspires me to get stuff done.
  • Hanging out with Barb Dybwad. Barb rocks and should blog more often
  • My first sighting of the Microformats t-shirt. My words on fabric, yay!
  • That one day when it wasn’t as hot. San Francisco weather in Austin.
  • Dodgeball to the extreme. With 4-5 parties going on every night, how else would you know where to go?
  • Meeting and chatting with some very cool and interesting people, I’d better get started on some follow up emails… 🙂

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