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Yet Another Social Whatever

Marshall Kirkpatrick at Techcrunch writes about blue dot (yet another social bookmarking service):

The basic premise of the system is that users can tag items into their online archives and befriend other users to share access to part or all of their items saved. The real differentiation, however, is found in the feature set.

(Emphasis added)

Actually no, it isn’t. Not when your product is yet another clone of a 3 year old concept. Not when your features are barely a step ahead of your well entrenched and well funded competition. Definitely not when your simple improvements can be copied in a couple days of work. The barrier of entry into the YASW world is not features, it’s users. In case that’s not clear enough, let me say it in cliché form:

It’s about the users, stupid.


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  1. Marshall says:

    Hmph! 🙂

    Good points, I will keep you in my thoughts.

  2. limbo says:

    I know it’s pretty much in the TechCrunch charter to cover these things and I know that a social service that just launched will be mostly empty of users but we gotta keep in mind that the ease of developing Web2.0 apps today is both a blessing and a curse. Easy to build means easy to copy unless you’re doing something really different and smart.

  3. assaf says:

    I think it’s time to roll out a social social network network, where all the social networks can find out how many features they have in common, and meet new features of features.

  4. limbo says:

    I would do that except that social networks are notoriously anti-social.

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