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Tribe is Back!

With little fanfare Tribe.net is back online. Well… almost online. Here are some screen shots from today’s “reboot.”

Donut freak out
Tribe’s offline message from earlier (and maybe again later) today

We take it back
I figure that’s the users’ blood dripping there?

And don’t forget tribe’s letter to the
which starts on a optimstic note:

It’s a new day for Tribe.net.

Thanks to recent management changes, we, the employees, are taking back the site and are happy to announce some real improvements (based upon the tons of feedback you’ve given us).

and ends with promise of free beer (personal interpretation here…)

So, what’s next?

Y’know, we don’t exactly know yet. But we are looking forward to being around a long time, and making sure we listen to our users.

If you’re in the San Francisco Bay Area, keep an eye out for our upcoming Tribe REBOOT party announcement, and come have a drink with us.

In the meantime, get started using your new customizable home page, and let us know what you think!

(in case that link doesn’t quite work and for posterity, here’s a screen shot of the entire letter)

There’s no doubt that tribe is changing. In the last couple of weeks we’ve seen more signs of life than in the entire year preceding that. The new tribe stopped taking itself too seriously and is back to listening to users. I’m looking forward to playing with the new customizeable homepage, if it’s anything like the profiles and the descriptions I heard from tribe employees, it’s gonna rock! So here’s to a new-old tribe, a fresh attitude and cool features!


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  1. Tara Monster says:

    Donut freak out my ass, I have been waiting all day and I have yet to have any donuts… and I have actually been getting work done today for chrissake… are they back up yet?

    Yes, yes, it is all good, but what is taking them so long, I am having withdrawals, seriously…


  2. John Lam says:

    “Users’ bloodâ€??

    I figured it for paint, the red veneer washing off to reveal the true orange. If it were blood, might it come from the boardroom beheading Mark Pincus posted.

  3. limbo says:

    So it’s 2 for paint, 1 for blood. There goes my attempt at drama… can’t blame a guy for trying, eh? 😉

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