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Morning commute January 4th 2007

There is, or so I’m told, more than one way to skin a duck. Today was a day for alternative skinning or more specifically – The Bus. Now, I’m no stranger to buses, I’ve been using MUNI to get around the city for the last 3 years but after riding the metro trains for two (yes, two!) whole days I’m starting to get a whole new perspective on buses.

There’s a different feeling when riding underground. The train car becomes your whole world, fellow passengers, your only companions. There’s a sense of camaraderie. On the bus, things are quite different. On the bus I get competitive. This becomes apparent to me when the bus slows down to a crawl and one lady decides to step off the bus and start walking.

Now, usually I would cheer for the underdog, this lone woman taking on complex machinery and technology and years of habit but this time I’m rooting for The Bus. And when we pass her for the first time and then again the second time, something inside me wakes. And when we zoom down market leaving her trailing in the dust I cheer inside. The Good Guys won! The people who vote for conformity and comfort won and I am proud to be among them.

I end up at CalTrain 10 minutes early. Maybe there is something to trying new things every once in a while.


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