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In the olden days (I’m told) there used to be this attitude among some software companies that said “we don’t do QA, users do QA!â€? after a generation or two of software engineers we’re now safely in the hands of test driven development and all is well with the world. We’ve moved away from the pioneer, get-it-done age to the well-established, get-it-done-well age. I believe something similar might be happening in the world of blogging.

Quoth Michael Arrington: My readers do the final fact check for me. And if I’m wrong, I correct immediately. Sound familiar? If your readers know more about what you write than you, why is it YOU that’s writing? Let them write it. I don’t take on software projects I can’t finish and you shouldn’t write about things you don’t know enough about. For example, I’m still waiting for a complete rewrite on the twitter vs. dodgeball post which was written by someone who obviously has close to zero experience with either dodgeball or twitter.

No newspaper would let that article pass same as (almost) no software house would let a developer with 1 month experience with Java publish any code. Because (most) newspapers and (at least some) software companies are finally out of the pioneer age while bloggers are still exploring their limits. Blogging seems to still be a slave to the “First Postâ€? phenomenon and many bloggers are swimming these unmarked waters, publishing hearsay, rumor, unsubstantiated opinion or just general under-researched posts. I predict that, eventually, as blogging matures and more options arise, blog readers will also learn to be more discriminatory and choose reputable bloggers that fact-check and care about quality not just agility. Quality is NOT a Bad Thing(tm), it’s merely a sign of maturity.


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