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Being Evil Online Doesn’t Pay

At least not in the long run. In most cases. Well… here’s a glimmer of hope anyway.

Earlier today, Facebook sent warning to developers whose apps forced users to invite friends in order to use the app, turning off invitations altogether for those apps until that behavior was corrected. This was a major user experience problem that now should exist no more.

I’ve been having this back and forth discussion lately about Send Hotness just one of many Facebook apps that force you to invite X many friends before you get to use it. I wasn’t surprised (although somewhat disappointed) to see the app take off in a viral storm and reach hundreds of thousands of sign-ups or more. Despite their apparent success I maintained that in the long run this kind of behavior will not pay off. Irritating your users is not good policy especially if you’re trying to build an enduring brand. I’m glad to see Facebook cracking down on overly-aggressive applications. In the end this kind of policy will prove beneficial to everyone involved.

Here’s to less SPAM!


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