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Twitter Killfile

Now that everyone’s gone to SXSWi and left me here, alone in the Bay Area with nothing to do and all this parking (not really, there’s still no parking) I finally have some time to be productive. To make sure that my twitter stream remains somewhat useful for the next 10 days or so I created this small Greasemonkey script to filter out all that South By Noise(tm). It might not be useful if you use twitter from some desktop client or IM but if you’re like me and you’re still using Firefox this may actually be useful.


  • Yes, you need Greasemonkey to run this.
  • Yes, it probably has bugs.
  • Yes, it may cause your computer to implode and your entire online identity to be sucked into the ensuing vortex. Use at own risk!
  • Last, I based the script on the Reddit Content Filter script by pabs. So, thanks dude!

Oh, install the script and add banned words and authors using Tools > Greasemonkey > User Script Commands > Edit Blocked (Users/Keywords)…

Update: Slight bug fix. Latest version is 0.21


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