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Tribe 2.0 REBOOT party

It’s time to get out and meet your fellow tribesters once again. Quoting Brian Lawler:

Tribe.net is getting back to its true colors and we are celebrating at 12 Galaxies. Come out and re-connect with old friends and meet new ones. What else is there to do on a Tuesday? Come meet and mingle with Mark Pincus and the whole Tribe gang. Music will be provided by Tribe’s famous hoard of Polyamorous Firespinning Vegan DJ’s. A good time? I guarantee it!

Tribe.net was one of the first to get YASN denizens out and about, being social in RL and now, as part of tribe’s recent reboot and to celebrate the new spirit coming out of tribe’s offices they’re at it again.

What: tribe.net REBOOT party
When: 8:00 PM Tuesday, October 10th 2006
Where: 12 Galaxies, 2565 Mission Street, San Francisco
To RSVP, join the tribe REBOOT party RSVP tribe.


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Tag Tuesday, Again!

I think it’s the fourth one…

Tag Tuesday is coming to Mountain View! After three meetings in San Francisco we have decided to give Silicon Valley a try to extend our reach. Our next meeting will take place next Tuesday, November 29, from 6:30-8:30 p.m. at AOL’s campus in Mountain View.

Speakers will be Edwin Aoki of AOL and Kevin Burton of TailRank. Seems like this one might be worth the drive…

More details at the Tag Tuesday blog.

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Announcing Long-Tail Camp

Long Tail Camp

For the official announcement see Supr.c.ilio.us: The Blog; to participate, help or otherwise contribute check out the official Long-Tail Camp website.

Long-Tail Camp logo design by Factory Joe

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Adventures at Tag Camp

It’s been a fun evening at tag camp. Finally got to see the Riya demo, pretty cool stuff. Got to talk to the cocoalicious guys, they’ve got a nice interface coming out for accessing your del.icio.us bookmarks. Sadly, it’s mac only. I managed to capture an instance of tag spam, that was very exciting as you can see in this photo from Laughing Squid. And of course, I met a bunch of cool people, among them Stowe Boyd of Corante and Barb Dybwad from the Weblogs Inc’s Social Software Weblog. Time to update those XFN links…

More pics of the event on flickr.

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Tag Camp

Signed-up for Tag-Camp last nite. I don’t know if I’m gonna be there for the whole duration, I’ll probably just make it for the first night maybe even start some discussion about tag spam. I’ve been meaning to write about that for a while, ever since I came up against some tag-spam related FUD in a discussion a couple weeks ago. I feel that this is an important issue that is not getting nearly enough attention. We need to show that, one, this is not nearly as big a problem as some people seem to think and, two, it’s a problem that can be solved by leveraging existing tools and the community that is an integral part of any tag-based tool.

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Web2.0 is Coming Up

But here’s a couple of better things to do:

Web 1.0 Summit
Date: October 5, 2005
Location: House of Shields

32 New Montgomery St.(Google Maps)
San Francisco, California 94105

Sponsored by 43 Folders and the year 1998. We will meet to discuss line breaks, spacer gifs, and the ability to launch links in a new browser window. There will be beer.

And a couple days later, Chris Heuer is organizing Web2.1:

a BarCamp styled BrainJam for the rest of us who are in the trenches of this next wave. It is time for us to seize the reins of the evolution ourselves – it is time for us to let those big money interests have the Web 2.0 – it is time we launched Web 2.1.

…I propose we put together a Web2point1 Conference for next Friday October 7, 2005 somewhere here in San Francisco. We can charge $2.80 for people to attend – providing 1000x the take away value for 1/1000th of the cost – a factor of a million times better than Web 2.0.

Go check out Chris’s post and see if you can help out.

via: The Bay Area is Talking and Miss Rogue

Update: Chris sent out an Email letting people know that the Web 2.1 WebJam site is live!

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